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The Genius Prosecutor

That the truth should be found is only natural... not a miracle.

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Name:Miles Edgeworth
This is an RP journal for a character owned and originally created by Capcom. The player can be found at [personal profile] pteryx.

All [personal profile] pteryx userpics on this account free for reuse with credit. If a fanart credit and link is included, please also include that.
Animated gif shrunken from one by dirtypantsdan.

Miles Edgeworth

Miles Edgeworth was once known as the "Demon Prosecutor". He told himself that the guilt or innocence of defendants was ever an open question in order to justify to himself the actions he took while pursuing his selfish desires: to maintain his winning streak, and to see all defense attorneys suffer for the deeds of a single corrupt one. When his childhood friend Phoenix Wright robbed him of his perfect record and offered in exchange a chance to redeem himself, at first Edgeworth wasn't ready; after all, in the process Wright had also shattered his illusions as to who he could trust, and Edgeworth had intentionally been raised with no one to turn to but the very man who, he now knew, had raised him for the purpose of being crushed. Thus, he retreated from his work and all he knew, and even considered retreating from life itself.

Edgeworth returned only when he came to realize two key things. One was that not only the point of court but the value he most loved was truth. The other was that there were still a few he could trust in the world, most notably Phoenix Wright himself. Thanks to this foundation, the story of the Demon Prosecutor could end and that of the Genius Prosecutor could begin.

Truth, however, is not always kind to those who pursue it. Edgeworth has recently been shown difficult truths — the difficult-to-accept truth that there are forces that science has overlooked, and the difficult-to-work-with truth that the law is an imperfect instrument of mankind. Furthermore, it is no easy task for someone who has been so deeply betrayed to learn to trust all over again; it's a new realization for him that he can trust those who use the law selflessly with the good of the people in mind, for example.

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