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[The Shadow of the month was The World, and accordingly the artificial island city of Prospero had become very crowded. The number of apparent kidnappees had at least tripled in a day, yet most of the newcomers seemed prone to disappearing just as quickly, creating a sort of rotating roster of new faces. Many people on the network displayed excitement at seeing loved ones, then hurt at them being torn away.

For Edgeworth's part, there was one person in particular he hoped to have the opportunity to meet while this Shadow's influence made the possibility far more likely, even if it would be fleeting. He'd even gone so far as to call in sick so that he could search for her actively rather than just watching for any posts on the network. After all, there was something important he needed to say to her...]
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You've reached the phone of Miles Edgeworth. I am currently unavailable. If you wish for me to return your call, leave the appropriate contact information and I'll do so at my earliest convenience. If your reason for calling is time-sensitive, I offer my apologies. [beep]

1/28/12: Issei Ryudo ([personal profile] unknownrival) talks sense into Edgeworth days after the Empress boss fight
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