truthsnomiracle: ([TVK] Forneus)
Miles Edgeworth ([personal profile] truthsnomiracle) wrote2011-11-26 12:41 am

[OOC, TVK] Forneus stats, expanded edition

Official skill list

1: Analysis
10: Patra
20: Double Fangs
30: Bufu
40: Enemy Radar
50: Posumudi
60: Tarukaja
70: Amrita
80: Absolute Zero
90: Marin Karin
100: Bufudyne

Weaknesses and Resistances:
Slash, Strike, and Pierce: Neutral

Fire: Neutral
Water: Neutral
Wind: Neutral
Earth: Weak
Ice: Resist (level 1) > Null (level 35) > Absorb (level 75)
Electricity: Weak (level 1) > Neutral (level 55) > Resist (level 95)
Nuclear: Neutral
Almighty: Neutral
Light: Neutral
Dark: Resist

Ice resistance or better is common for Forneus, as is dark resistance or immunity and electric resistance that gets mitigated or outright overwritten. As for the Earth weakness, that's entirely because this is Edgeworth we're talking about.

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