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Miles Edgeworth ([personal profile] truthsnomiracle) wrote2011-02-14 07:53 pm

[no game, open RP] The "pester Edgeworth in his office" post

[Chances are, when you enter room 1202 of the Prosecutor's Office, you'll find High Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth hard at work. He learned the hard way not to be too quick to throw people out when they interrupt him, so as annoyed as he probably will be once he notices your presence, you'll more likely than not get a sufficient chance to justify yourself. Usually.]

[To help clarify the purpose of this post, this is someplace anyone can come tag me if they want -- just start a thread! Canons, AUs, OCs, and canon OCs welcome, both AA and non-AA!]

NOTICE: To start a new thread on this site, please use the Dreamwidth edition of this meme, not this import of the LJ version!

Since no non-default journal styles, let alone any with one of those sidebars where you can click on specific threads, are well-suited for long threads, here's a nice manual index.

  1. Phoenix Wright ([ profile] gotyoucornered) makes a Valentine's Day delivery (gen)
  2. "Sibel Miryzo" ([ profile] visionofchaos) discusses an improbable bank robbery (gen)
  3. Chie Satonaka ([ profile] stompyerface) visits a friend who's never met her (gen)
  4. Franziska von Karma ([ profile] whipthebell) henpecks an overworked Edgeworth (gen)
  5. Pamela Ibiss ([ profile] cuteghost300 perkily adds further evidence towards an uncomfortable conclusion (gen)
  6. Byrne Faraday ([ profile] promisecutor revisits his former office (gen)

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